ASAoGB – Ten Essentials Facts

Formed in 1985, the American Saddlebred Association of Great Britain (ASAoGB) was the first organisation for the breed in the whole of Europe, fourth worldwide.

· Approved DEFRA Passport Issuing Organisation (February 2003) for American Saddlebred horses – the only PIO dedicated solely to the American Saddlebred.

· Maintains Stud Book for pure breds (two divisions) and part breds (two divisions) and National Show Horse Stud Book of GB

· Founded the British National Championships (1997)

· Established the American Classic Horse Show (with Zara Training Centre) – the only show in UK catering SOLELY for all US breeds/styles ; sponsors classes for Saddlebreds and National Show Horses at major society shows.

· ASHA (Kentucky) Charter Club and administrator for American State Pleasure Awards in Britain; founder president is the International delegate to the ASHA Charter Club Council

· Operates award systems for all Sports Saddlebreds and internal award system for all registered horses based on High Points covering all disciplines

· Provides the only Five-Gaited Saddlebred Display Team in the world

· Undertakes illustrated talks to Riding Clubs and Colleges etc

· Is a member of the British Horse Society’s Horse & Pony Breeds Committee