Other Popular horse breeds

There are different exotic types of horses around the world. With each horse having its unique feature and coming in different shapes, colors and sizes. Here are a few of the common breeds favored among the equestrian circles.



This breed has been favored and adored all over the world. With its roots hailing from the Arabian Peninsula, this breed can be identified through its distinctive head shape and proud tail carriage. Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds out there known for their spirit and endurance capability.

Quarter horse

This American breed is particularly famous through the United States. These horses are remarkably fast over short distances and can be often seen competing in racehorse competitions or make excellent hunt seat mounts. They are mostly used for western pleasure riding and other events such as roping, cutting and barrel racing.


This athletic horse can be traced from England in the late 17th and 18th century and are praised for their spirit and heart. These breeds typically race horses, hunters, and jumpers as they serve mounts for fox hunting, polo, and dressage.

Tennessee walker

This particular breed of horse was bred in the late 18th century in the southern states of the U.S for use mainly on farms and plantations. Owing to their smooth gaits, the Tennessee walkers are used more of a pleasure mount as well as show horses.


One of the oldest breeds to exist in the United States, Morgan breed horses are famous for their versatility. The Morgan horse is the state animal of Vermont. Although small in stature, they are big in heart and are mainly used as riding horses and excel in saddle seat disciplines.


The American paint horse is an exquisite and unique combination of the conformational characteristics and color patterns of a pinto. This breed of horse is mainly used as pleasure mounts.


Bred by the Native American tribe of the Pacific Northwest, the Appaloosa is best recognized for its distinct, colorful spotted coat pattern. These horses are tough, sure-footed with big bodies and tails making them an excellent option for pleasure mounts and as trail horses.

Miniature Horse

Bred in Europe in the 1600s, these peculiar horses fall under 34-38 inches making them extremely small. Yes, these are horses itself, not ponies. Miniature horses serve the purpose of a service animal or driving horse.


Technically Warmblood isn’t a particular breed but a composition of the Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, and Trakehner. These horses excel as sports horses as they excel in jumping as well as dressage.


This Spanish breed is renowned for its nobility and prowess as a war horse. The Andalusian is composed of thick, long manes and tails accompanied by their pure strength, compactness, and elegance.

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